page-imgs-FIRM1Sid Hughes is an Attorney at Law that handles family legal matters throughout Birmingham and surrounding Alabama communities. With more than 35 years of experience as a family lawyer he has handled some of the most complex matters dealing with divorce, child support, custody issues, paternity, adoptions, and other such issues his clients have encountered throughout the years. He is very passionate about the Alabama legal system and ensuring that his clients’ rights are safeguarded at all costs.

As a retired Lieutenant Colonel, Sid Hughes has served in Vietnam and Korea proving that he is loyal and dedicated to the rights of citizens within this fine country. Sid has the expertise to handle the legal services for military divorces and the divorce matters encountered by those individuals that may be deployed overseas. Typically he invests 12 hours into each work day, working 6 days every week. He goes to great lengths to provide convenient appointment times for his clients so that they can experience the best legal services available to them.

Here at the Law Office of Sid Hughes you will not encounter sales tactic style legal practices. We remain focused on meeting the specific needs of our client in a manner that will ensure they get the results that will be beneficial to their life and the lives of their loved ones. You will find that the comfort you experience when working with our legal team is second-to-none.

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